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Very useful comprehensive text editor for programmers


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Finally there's a free tool you can use to edit the source code of a huge number of files programmed in different languages like HTML, Java, Pascal, CSS, Perl.... With RJ TextEd, you won't have to change applications every time you open a document programmed in a different language.

This tool recognizes the different variables, functions, classes, and reserved words from each language and assigns them different colors. It also lets you group code into blocks through the use of brackets, parentheses, etc.

Other interesting features are:

- HTML label assistant, which lets you easily enter titles, paragraphs, images, charts, frames ... and correct your page's source code;
- Style sheet editor, which you can use to define styles without having knowledge of a particular language;
- A tool for encrypting all the resulting files. It also includes an FTP program for uploading the resulting files to a server.
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